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International Journal of Literacy and Education

2022, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part A

The effect of COVID-19 on the cognition of MA Iraqi EFL students' achievement

Author(s): Marzooqa T Raheel and Saad Abdullah Mirdas

Abstract: The closing of all educational institutions and the isolation of people to prevent the spread of corona virus, this greatly affected the performance of all Students specifically postgraduate students. The large number number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 and the declining performance of the students' achievement in Iraq specifically at Thi Qar University result from the shortage of technological resources indicate a very difficult time for the third world countries. Corona virus disease may affect student performance due to its impact on cognitive performance and related health consequences that may reduce students' academic level. The aim of this study is to find out whether the performance of postgraduate students in the last year 2019 is different from the performance of postgraduate students for the year 2020 under the conditions of the Corona pandemic at Thi-Qar University, Department of English Language. Differences between groups were assessed by appropriate statistical analysis. Those institutions replace the normal way in teaching by electronic lectures. This process affects teaching and evaluation as well as the validity of tests. The question which is raised as a result of this crisis is the ability of universities to make the teaching process a valid one.The study aims at the following1. Showing the outcome of corona virus on the act of MA students and making a comparison between the deed of MA students for two years, before and after Corona to indicate the increase or decrease in the cognition level of students in these two academic years. 2. Investigating the possible results of COVID-19 on learning in the Thi-Qar provenance. 3. Highlighting the ability of Thi-Qar government to response to COVID-19 by closing universities as one of the tools to protect students from the danger of astringent and spreading COVID-19. 4. Studying how this disease affects the national examination results of the academic year2020 in comparison to the previous year. The study hypothesizes the following 1. COVID-19 would negatively impact on the performance of M A students in the 2020 examination of psycholinguistics topic. 2. The performance of postgraduate students for the academic year 2020 is less than that of students for the academic year 2019 under the conditions of the spread of Corona virus. As a result, there is a fall in the pass percentage of MA students in 2020 year’s national tests in comparison of the achievement of 2019.If the corona virus will not finish early, taking into account the university calendar of the university, this leads to a significant decrease in the academic level of students in all universities in the country. The consequences of this study all point to the fact that this disease will affect on teaching and learning in Thi-Qar because there is no direct connection between teachers and students and inability of students to provide what is need for e-learning. Their performance will be affected by the short period to prepare for the examinations. It has also been clearly explained in this study that there is a permanent drop in learner's performance while this disease still found. This fluctuation in the academic level is due to the deterioration of the psychological state of students due to the epidemic, which led to a decrease in their academic achievement.

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International Journal of Literacy and Education
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Marzooqa T Raheel, Saad Abdullah Mirdas. The effect of COVID-19 on the cognition of MA Iraqi EFL students' achievement. Int J Literacy Educ 2022;2(1):19-23.
International Journal of Literacy and Education
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