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International Journal of Literacy and Education

2022, Vol. 2, Issue 1, Part B

A linguistic review of working memory model

Author(s): Pankaj Dwivedi

Abstract: There seems to be an obvious relation between working memory and language processing. But how they relate is the question that has intrigued the scholars over the centuries. Psychologists, cognitive scientists, linguists etc. have been coming up with their own models and theories to account for the involved underlying neuro-cognitive processes. In 1974 Alan Baddley and Graham Hitch proposed a multi-component working memory model. His model introduced a component, the phonological loop, to account for the relation between the processing of language and memory. This paper introduces you to Baddley and Hitch’s (1974) multi-component working memory model in its recent form with all four components: central executive (CE); phonological loop (PL); visuospatial sketch pad, and episodic buffer. It critically analyzes the language component, the phonological loop. The paper also evaluates the model’s recent claims regarding the relationship between memory and language by presenting counterevidence from studies in the core areas of linguistics such as phonetics, semantics, and syntax.

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Pankaj Dwivedi. A linguistic review of working memory model. Int J Literacy Educ 2022;2(1):136-140.
International Journal of Literacy and Education
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