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International Journal of Literacy and Education

2022, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part A

Gradation in the provisions of inheritance between the Meccan and the civil eras

Author(s): Dr. Majeed Hammoudi Musleh

Abstract: The science of obligatory duties is a great science related to the rights of people among themselves, and in it is the strengthening of bonds of love and affection between people. For the sake of sciences, the knowledge of the obligatory duties is considered dangerous, the highest in rank, and the greatest in reward, and because of its importance, God Almighty has taken over the estimation of the obligatory duties himself. Third: God Almighty took over the division of inheritances himself and did not leave them to any of his creation, because no matter how human beings want to achieve justice, they will not reach or reach it in the fullest manner, and they will not be able to come up with such things. Justice, because they are ignorant of the matter of fathers and sons and do not know which of them is closest to them. The issue of gradualism in rulings has taken a wide space in the minds of scholars, because of its important impact on the nation, in which it facilitates, relieves embarrassment and relieves people. As for what is due by lineage, they did not inherit the young or the female, rather they inherited the one who fought and took the booty. As for the reason by which they inherit, it is two things: one is the oath and the contract, and the other is adoption. Then Islam came and they left for a while as they were, then it was abrogated.

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