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International Journal of Literacy and Education

2022, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part B

Increased oxygen hemoglobin at rest and physical effort in the muscle tissue of boxers

Author(s): Ali Abdul-Kadhim Shayyal

Abstract: The aim of the research is to identify (O2Hb) (HHb) (tHb) In muscle tissue during rest and efforts and also identify (O2Hb) (HHb) (tHb) During the performance of the three physical efforts to identify the study variables (O2Hb) (HHb) (tHb) Between the tribal and remote measurement during rest and hospitalization after the third physical performance by pressing to stop the venous cycle, and the hypothesis of the research included that there are statistically significant differences between the tribal and remote tests in the research variables and in favor of the post-tests, the researcher used the descriptive approach to suit the nature of the problem, the research community was determined from Young boxers in Basra Governorate aged (17-18) years and registered in the Iraqi Boxing Federation, Basra Branch for the sports season (2017-2018), weighing (56-60) kg, totaling (11) Boxer The sample has been selected In the intentional way, their number was (6) boxers from the province of Basra. The researcher also used statistical methods to process the data obtained from the tribal and post-tests. After processing the data and the results obtained statistically, the researcher reached many conclusions, the most important of which is a change in the amount of hemoglobin loaded with oxygen and not loaded with oxygen as a result of the pressure on the flexor muscle of the ulna during physical effort.

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Ali Abdul-Kadhim Shayyal. Increased oxygen hemoglobin at rest and physical effort in the muscle tissue of boxers. Int J Literacy Educ 2022;2(2):83-87.
International Journal of Literacy and Education
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