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International Journal of Literacy and Education

2022, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part B

Gandhi's view on 'love and non-violence'

Author(s): Dr. Kalpana Vajpeyi

Abstract: Love and Non-Violence are the great tools adopted by Mahatma Gandhi to get the great aim succeed for the welfare of country. It was very difficult at that time before the English to have a open fight with them at once. He adopted these great tools to linger the time and to unite and inspire the Indian gradually to fight against them. Love and Non-violence are the tools that calm the anger of the person ahead and can listen what the communicator wants to express. Love ever suffers, never resents and never protests. The communicator of love is blessed with a great quality ‘tapasya’. It is due to adoption of the tools, Gandhi Ji is called Mahatma.

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International Journal of Literacy and Education
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Dr. Kalpana Vajpeyi. Gandhi's view on 'love and non-violence'. Int J Literacy Educ 2022;2(2):118-120.
International Journal of Literacy and Education
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